Your Issues are My Issues

Reduce Crime in Our Neighborhood

It's important to create an environment where our kids can still play outside in a safe and secure neighborhood. Our working families need to be able to relax in their homes, yards, and neighborhoods without fear. Our elderly especially need to be protected from those who prey on the defenseless.

Increase Home Ownership

Home ownership creates a sense of pride, increases the net worth of families, improves the chances of better educated and healthier children, by promoting home ownership, abandoned and neglected homes will not be a drain on our neighborhoods and will cease being a factor that diminishes homeowners equity in their properties.

Promote Healthy Living

Choosing better, wiser lifestyles that promote active recreation, ongoing education, use of mental health counseling and effective use of medical services and facilities are essential for improving the overall health of our residents.

Support Law Enforcement

Ongoing open dialogue with law enforcement will be pivotal in creating a better environment of trust and cooperation that foster and maintains a safer community for all. 

Raise Awareness of Services

The resources available to all our citizenry must be broadly and regularly updated and promoted to ensure that the needs of the residents of our changing community are being met. Residents must be given information and convenient access to health and human services in our community, gaps must be identified and addressed.

Colaborate with the Faith Community

Faith communities have always contributed to a healthy and safe community. Therefore, continuous efforts must made to develop a dialogue between the broader community and the men and women of faith who have dedicated their lives to serve this community.